We provide Clean PipeCTGNETCMIN2 access service

Shin Cheng Digital Co., Ltd. was established in 2016 and obtained the second-class telecommunications license issued by the National Communications Commission of the Republic of China in 2017.

We have years of experience in network routing management and have strengthened the construction of multilateral traffic interconnection in the international and Chinese markets. Currently, we have over 100Gbps of bandwidth to China (100G in the US West + 10G in Hong Kong).

At the same time, we are also committed to DDoS protection construction, and our defense capabilities can now reach 1Tbps of attack blocking.

We have the continuous trust of over 50+ manufacturers.

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Shin Cheng Digital Co., Ltd. has accumulated cloud services and provided VPS application services in the past. With business development, we gradually realized that Taiwan’s network environment is too centralized on some service providers and the services are far from meeting our needs. Therefore, we sold the cloud hosting department and focused on developing BGP routing line business.

After years of learning and growth, Shin Cheng Digital Co., Ltd. has obtained more than 100Gbps of CTGNET GIA (formerly CN2) access bandwidth from China Telecom International Company, demonstrating our commitment to the network business. We aspire to bring a better network experience to Taiwan and believe that we can become your most reliable partner in business.

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List of plans

Our sales plans

If you are a bulk bandwidth procurement user, please contact us and we will customize our services according to your needs.

We support access via GRE Tunnel, IPIP Tunnel, or PCCW Console Connect.

Basic plan

Suitable for businesses with pure international services and minimal demand in China.

Starting at

$1380 USD per month
1BGP session included
Total bandwidth 500 Mbps
Allowed 25 routing entries
International 490 MbpsChina 10 Mbps

Premium Plan

Suitable for large-volume user groups. For China-facing bandwidth with GIA, please contact customer service for a project quote.

Starting at
$6800 USD per month
1BGP session included
Total bandwidth 2 Gbps
Allowed 50 routing entries
International 1.95 GbpsChina 50 Mbps

DDoS mitigation plan

This plan is suitable for users who need DDoS scrubbing services. The scrubbing line for this plan is in the US West. For an Asian plan, please contact customer service for a project quote.

Starting at
$3000 USD per month
1+1 redundant BGP sessions included
Mitigation capacity 1 Tbps
Allowd 10 routing entries
50 Mbps Clean traffic
Applicable industries

Main industries of our services

Anyone with internet needs is our potential customer. Below are the industries primarily served by our services, which comprise most of our customer base.

VPS provider

VPS provider

We provide access bandwidth to both international and China markets, which can help you reach audiences and catch attention worldwide.

Cloud service provider

Cloud service provider

Cloud service providers need to find the best network service providers to attract customers to rent their services.

Hosting provider

Hosting provider

Virtual hosting primarily provides users with website hosting services, so the choice of network service provider is crucial.

Based in Taiwan, heading towards the world.

We have currently established POP points in the following locations: Taipei, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Singapore.


    Account Manager

    As a local sales team in Taiwan, we understand the needs of Taiwanese customers and strive to provide excellent front-end sales and back-end maintenance communication. Our mission as a sales team is to fully satisfy customer requirements, and we sincerely welcome you to grow with us.


      NOC Manager

      I am the NOC Operations Manager at Shin Cheng Digital Co., Ltd. When we receive feedback from customers regarding network issues, my team and I strive to adjust the routing to the optimal state within the shortest time possible. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact our front-end sales team within a reasonable range, and they will inform us to handle it. Thank you.


        Account Manager

        I am the sales representative stationed in Hong Kong. Currently, we can provide node access to Mega-I, Mega-2, and Equinix HK1. If you have any network requirements and your company is registered in Hong Kong, Macau, or China, please feel free to contact me.


          Account Manager

          We are currently actively expanding our market in Singapore and hope that in the near future, Shin Cheng Digital Co., Ltd. can have physical equipment to access Singapore instead of just cloud POP points. If your company is registered in Singapore, Malaysia, or other Southeast Asian countries, please feel free to contact me.

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          The latest announcements & articles

          Here, we will announce our latest deployment information or maintenance notices.

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