Web Design

Website design is priced on a project basis. Please contact Shin Cheng by email, and we will discuss the best solution with you.

The relevant fees are listed as follows:

PSD files not provided

  • RWD page: NT$12,000 per page

  • Regular page: NT$6,000 per page

PSD files provided by customer

  • RWD page: NT$8,000 per page

  • Regular page: NT$3,000 per page

Additional information

PSD file: The image file for website design layout created in Photoshop.

RWD page: Responsive Web Design refers to a website design that automatically adjusts its layout according to the width of the viewing device, such as computer, tablet, or mobile phone. It only requires one page to maintain.

Regular page: A page designed only for viewing on a computer, which may have layout issues when viewed on mobile phones or tablets.

The minimum number of designed pages is 5. Orders with less than 5 pages are restricted due to limited manpower resources, and we are currently not accepting related orders.

A special discount will be offered for design projects with more than 10 pages.

All websites designed and completed by Shin Cheng can be hosted on Shin Cheng’s virtual server and provided with a free CDN (able to resist DDoS attacks). A fee of 10,000 TWD per year is required for website hosting and maintenance (only for maintenance caused by Chrome/Firefox updates causing layout issues).