Clean Pipe

About DDoS Cleaning Service

  • Imported into the cleaning center through BGP architecture

  • Shin Cheng Digital Hardware Firewall Secondary Filtering

  • Only responsible for incoming traffic cleaning

  • Protect up to 500Gbps attack traffic

  • Multiple cleaning center nodes to choose from

  • Construct protection network through IPIP/GRE Tunnel

  • Free to purchase additional clean bandwidth size

  • All protected IPs will not be disconnected from service

A brief explanation of the operation principle of DDoS attack cleaning.

Explanation of DDoS Cleaning

  • Only announce the routes to Shin Cheng Digital and let Shin Cheng Digital publish them to international or Asian cleaning centers.
  • All incoming packet traffic will be sent to the cleaning center and then sent back to the Shin Cheng Digital hardware firewall before being ultimately sent back to your router.
  • Shin Cheng Digital is not responsible for routing outbound packet traffic. Users should purchase Shin Cheng Digital or other IP Transit services on their own.

Advantages of DDoS cleaning

  • Not blocked from normal service due to attack.
  • Efficiently process attack packets through multiple detections such as sflow/pps/traffic.
  • In addition to sending to the cleaning center, Shin Cheng also provides secondary filtering through hardware firewalls, multiple protections, and effectively protects your service.
  • Ensure that your bandwidth is not congested due to attacks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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  • Any questions?

    Don't be afraid to ask, Shin Cheng Digital will find a way to explain and help you understand.