Business Regulations

The second type of telecommunication service business regulations

Chapter 1: General Provisions

Article 1: These regulations are established in accordance with Article 27, Paragraph 2 of the Telecommunications Act and the “Regulations for the Administration of Type II Telecommunications Services.”

Article 2: The scope of our company’s operations is “Internet Access Services” for general business of Type II Telecommunications Services.

Article 3: In addition to the provisions of the Telecommunications Act, other relevant laws and regulations, or user agreements, the operation of this business shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions of these regulations. In addition to being reported to the competent authority, this business regulation is also available for consumers to review at each business location and website, and will be updated accordingly.

Chapter 2, Business Items

Article 4: The Internet access service provided by the Company (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”) refers to the use of telecommunications equipment and the addition of computer-related application systems and other hardware and software equipment to provide Internet access services. The main business item is the Internet access service.

Chapter 3: Fee Calculation and Announcement

Article 5: The fees for various services provided by the Company shall be determined by the Company based on its operating costs and market prices, and submitted to the competent authority for record, and shall also be posted on the Company’s website and at all business locations. In the event of any changes, users shall be informed of the content of the adjustment of the fee standards in their monthly bill one month prior to the change, in addition to the record and announcement as mentioned in the preceding paragraph.

Article 6: Fee items:

  1. As shown in the fee table, all user fees are collected on a monthly post-payment basis, including “change setting fees, network usage fees, and incoming line maintenance fees.
  2. When the fees are adjusted, in addition to submitting them for the record of the competent authority, the Company shall also announce them on the website and at all business locations. Users who apply for this service shall pay the fees according to the announced fee standards (fee table).

Article 7: The Company allows users to pay off all or part of the fees for a certain period of time at one time. In the case of overpayment or repeated payment of fees, the Company may directly offset the fees against the user’s next month’s or next term’s payable fees without further notice. When there is a balance of overpaid or repeated fees after the annual settlement of the payable fees, the Company shall notify the user and request the user to follow the procedure for interest-free refund of the balance as stated in the notice.

Chapter 4: Application, Modification, and Termination

I. Application and Modification

Article 8: In order to rent (apply for) or modify any of the services provided by the company, users must fill out and sign an application form and contract, and also accept the “User Notice” announced by the company for each relevant service.

Article 9: How to apply for the rental (application) of the Company’s services
To apply for the use of the Service, the user shall fill out the application form and present the following documents for verification.

  1. Natural persons: Domestic persons should submit their national identity cards and secondary documents such as national health insurance cards, driver’s licenses, passports, etc. Foreign nationals should attach a copy of their passport, foreign resident card or work permit in Taiwan (resident card and work permit must be valid for at least 3 months).
  2. Legal entity or firm: A copy of the company registration form or change of registration form approved by the competent authority, and the representative’s ID card or second proof (e.g. health insurance card, driver’s license, etc.) should be attached.
  3. Government agencies, schools, and public institutions: apply with official documents or official documents.
  4. In addition to the aforementioned documents, the agent should present the original ID card and secondary proof (e.g. health insurance card, driver’s license, etc.) and legally authorized information or documents for verification by the Company. The agent’s actions on behalf of the subscriber shall be effective and the subscriber shall be responsible for the settlement.
  5. The Company will examine the necessary documents and verification procedures as soon as possible to decide whether or not to accept the rental (application) of the service by the subscriber. Except for special reasons, including unclear application documents, lack of telecommunication lines or equipment, etc., which may prevent the Company from accepting the application within a short period of time, the Company shall try to open the service within five working days after receiving the application.
  6. For rental or change of the service, the customer should fill out an application form and submit it to the Company’s sales office or designated distributor for application.

Article 10: If there is any change in the user’s information, including suspension of use (limited to less than one month, and in accordance with the types of fees, restrictions and conditions announced on the business website), official suspension of use (and termination of contract, including suspension of use for more than one month), suspension and reinstatement of unpaid fees, change of application information, authorization letter for credit card payment, or consent letter for automatic transfer of funds from post offices and financial institutions, the user shall submit the change to the Company in a form that can be After the Company has examined and approved the changes, the Company shall process the changes in accordance with the relevant contracts in effect at the time and the procedures established by the Company, and shall report the changes to the competent authorities and publish the changes at all business locations and on the website for consumers’ review.

Article 11: The subscriber may apply for any changes to the Service either in person or by submitting a written power of attorney for another person to act on his behalf, provided that the application shall be made in accordance with the documents set forth in Article 9 of Chapter 4 of these Business Regulations.

Article 12: The fees payable by the subscriber for the service shall be paid within the period notified by the Company. If the subscriber fails to pay the fees within the period notified by the Company, the Company may revoke the application and terminate the lease if the fees remain unpaid. The subscriber is still obligated to pay the fees owed by the subscriber. If the subscriber disagrees with the payment of fees and files a complaint, the Company may suspend the collection of fees or stop the communication until the responsibility is ascertained.

II.Service Suspension or Interruption

Article 13: The Company shall maintain the service system and equipment of the business system in order to ensure that the service is not interrupted.

  1. ver, if the user has his own equipment, he shall repair it himself. The Company may charge a discretionary fee if the circuit obstruction is found to be caused by the customer’s own equipment after the Company’s investigation and repair.
  2. If the service is interrupted due to typhoon, earthquake, tsunami, flood, war, or other force majeure, the Company shall not be responsible for the aftermath and compensation.
  3. The Company will assist the customer to contact the relevant unit for repair if the loss is caused by the poor transmission quality of the telecommunication company rented by the customer, but the Company is not responsible for the line repair and the loss of the customer.
  4. In the event of errors, delays, interruptions, or inability to transmit due to the Company’s system equipment obstruction or interruption, the Company shall be responsible for restoring the operation of the system without the customer paying any maintenance service fees.

Continuous interruption time, deduction situation

Continuous blocking timeDeductions
More than 12 hours – less than 24 hours5% reduction of monthly rental fee for the month
24 hours or more – less than 48 hours10% reduction of monthly rental fee for the month
48 hours or more – less than 72 hours20% reduction of monthly rental fee for the month
72 hours or more – less than 96 hours30% reduction of monthly rental fee for the month
More than 96 hours – less than 120 hours40% reduction of monthly rental fee
120 hours or moreFree of charge for the current month

Article 14: Special Provision for Suspension

If the service is suspended or interrupted in whole or in part due to the user’s violation of the relevant laws and regulations, or the violation of good customs and practices, or the violation of these Terms of Use, or the request of the relevant competent authorities, or for other reasons that cannot be attributed to the Company, the billing will continue as usual.

Article 15: Handling of User Complaints

  • Users shall notify the Company by telephone, fax or e-mail when they change their contact address and telephone number in order to protect the rights of users in the future.
  • Our service line: 04-8712109
  • Our fax line: 04-8723473
  • E-mail: service[at] (please replace [at] with @)
  • Our website:
  • Address:No. 677, Zhongyi Rd., Shetou Township, Changhua County 511, Taiwan
  • The Company will give oral or written reply to the customer’s complaint within two weeks.
  • The Company reserves the right to accept or reject the application for Internet service from customers with poor credit history.
  • Any resources that can be retrieved from this service shall not be used illegally by the user unless officially opened or authorized by the owner.
  • The fees payable by the subscriber for renting the Company’s services shall be paid within the time limit notified by the Company. If the fees are overdue and remain unpaid after further reminders from the Company, the Company may terminate the contract and the subscriber shall still be required to pay the outstanding fees.

III.Termination of Contracts

Article 16: When using the Company’s services, the subscriber shall follow the international telecommunication network rules and practices, China’s telecommunication regulations and the Company’s relevant contractual terms, otherwise the Company has the right to terminate all or part of the services.

Article 17: The Company shall immediately notify the subscriber of the revocation of the license by the competent authority; suspend or terminate the operation of all or part of the business, shall announce and notify the subscriber one month before the scheduled suspension or termination date, and report to the competent authority for record. The subscriber shall come to the Company within one month after receiving the notice to complete the procedures for refunding the interest-free premium or fees payable.

Article 18: If the Company’s license is revoked or its business is suspended or terminated by the competent authority, the Company shall of course terminate the service of such part of the business to the subscriber and shall not be liable for damages.

Article 19: The Company may suspend the use of telecommunications services if the subscriber is using telecommunications content that is harmful to public order and good morals for business purposes.

Article 20: If the subscriber fails to make payment within the prescribed period, the Company has the right to temporarily suspend all or part of the customer’s service if the payment is not made within one week after written notice from the Company. Customer.

Chapter 5: Privacy Policy and User Basic Information Management

Article 21 The Company will not monitor, add, delete, modify or otherwise use the user’s relevant information or privacy except when the user is involved in violation of law, infringement of rights, or violation of the terms of use, or with the consent of the user or due to governmental actions.

Article 22 Restrictions and Conditions on the Use of User’s Basic Information

The Company shall be obligated to keep the information related to customers in its business confidential. The Company shall not disclose the information to any third party unless the customer requests access to his or her own information, or in the following cases when the Company complies with the Personal Information Protection Law or other relevant laws and regulations, and the reasons are stated in official documents and the relevant laws and regulations are inquired.

  1. When required by judicial, supervisory or security authorities for crime detection or evidence investigation.
  2. Other government agencies for the execution of public authority and for legitimate reasons.
  3. The authorities (organizations) related to the safety of public life for emergency relief.
  4. In the preceding cases, if the situation is urgent, inquiries may be made first and then notified by official documents.

Article 23: The Company’s business shall be handled in accordance with the provisions of the Telecommunications Act and shall be subject to audit by the competent authorities in accordance with the law.

Article 24: The Company shall keep the user information until one year after the termination of the user’s use.

Chapter 6: Others

Article 25 The Company shall not merge and sell other telecommunications services.

Article 26 The provisions of the Telecommunications Act, its related laws and regulations, and the International Telecommunication Convention shall apply to matters not provided for in these Regulations.

Article 27 These Regulations shall be promulgated and implemented after the competent authority has filed a record; the same shall apply to any amendment.

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